What I’m doing now

I live in Poznań, Poland and I’m finishing my MD in Computer Science on Adam Mickiewicz University. I plan to write an MD thesis about Machine Learning based on Turing Machines.

I’m a part of Sealcode.org - an unofficial group of programmers.
Together we develop Sealious, which will serve as a foundation for complex web applications we plan to create and release on an open license.

I deactivated my Facebook account, which means I will:

  • no longer waste my time on watching ads,
  • no longer feel the need to pretend my life is more awesome than it actually is,
  • not be supporting a company that does not properly punish freebooting happening on it’s platform.

So long and thanks for react, Facebook!

I’m in the process of removing Google from my digital life.

  • I’m actively replacing all Google products with open-source, self-hosted alternatives
  • if I struggle to find a suitable replacement, I (together with other Sealcode members) plan to create one. Possibly using Sealious and certainly making it open-source. Currently we’re working on a web-cased calendar app.
  • I give talks and conduct workshops to spread awarness of monopolistic ad-driven corporations’ negative impact on users’ freedom.

I’m currently watching “Experiments Lain”.